Punching Process

Punching process

Making blank parts with various shapes in metal sheets¬†with hardened steel tools is called “punching” or “Blanking”.
This process involves two of these tools:

  1. Punches (usually round, square, rectangular, oval)
  2. Dies – Matrix (usually circular, square, rectangular and oval matrix blocks)

The punch is the movable tool on top and the die is the fixed tool on the bottom.
Punching speed was slow in old ironworking machines compared to modern CNC punching machines

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The Clearance of the Punch and Die (upper tool with Lower tool) and the Alignment of the setup is crucial. Due to the failure of the proper accurate setup there is high probability of the breakage of both upper and lower tools and high chance of damaging the machine parts which cause the machine owners major repairing cost even replacing costs.

The Sheets needs to be always held in a very firm and stable empty from any sort of vibration while the workpiece are under process of punching.

For troubleshooting of the installation process and to obtain the best desired workpiece the material as well as hardness and grinding of the Tools play the major roles.

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