TFI Co History

  In the year 1965 TFI Co. has started their job with the field of machine manufacturing and heat treatment in Tehran with management of Mr. Ghasem Dastouri (the father of Industrial Knife manufacturing in Iran) the company products were precise “progress dies” and “innovative machineries” in the beginning , after the high market demand of the region the company focused on manufacturing industrial knives and steel blades. after regular participations in different exhibitions all around the world and introducing the company to the market succeeded to become the largest machine knives manufacturer in the middle east region. with the aim of broadening the market, In the Year 2001 TFI Successfully establish their factory in Kingdom Saudi Arabia and in the the 2004 they established the trade office and service center in United Arab Emirates, in the Year 2007 They achieved their goal to have their sales office in Canada. 2011 Georgian Sales office Established. The management and the well experienced group of Engineers and staff of TFI based on their creativity and team workings has made an honor in the region in the machine knives manufacturing industry. Currently TFI manufactures more than 12,000 types of blades being used in different industries such as metal working, Plastic and Rubber, Fabric and textile, Food processing, ,paper and packaging, etc. TFI Has the capacity of manufacturing Steel Blades up to 300Tons per annum to serve the Clients in the best way they deserve. Some part of the machineries and production capacities of TFI is as below: 
  Heat treatment Furnace up to 4000mm

  Induction heat treatment up to 6000mm

  Vertical grinding machine up to 7000mm 6000mm and 4000mm with the accuracy of 5 micrometer

  Milling machine 4000mm

  Planer machine 4000mm

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